Monthly Archive: December 2011

Dec 30

How to Blog: Taking that First Step

Congratulations! You’ve decided to start a blog. Whether you are doing it for personal reasons or for business reasons, you’re making a good decision. Blogs and social networks reach about 80 percent of active U.S Internet users, according to Nielsen, so not matter what you decide to blog on, you are sure to find an …

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Dec 29

Non-Tech Tips and Tricks to Improving Productivity

If you are aware of my work on, you may have noticed that I’ve written about office productivity more than once. Since it is a tech blog, I tend to cover different types of software that improve productivity, or ways to use technology to improve productivity. As cool and helpful as technology is, let’s …

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Dec 28

Treating Every Minute Like the Last Minute

Just last week, I finally finished a project proposal, one that I’ve been putting off for almost two weeks. I put it off because I’d never completed a project proposal before, and didn’t look forward to the idea of finding a template and rewriting words to fit my purposes. However, once I got it in, …

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Dec 27

Content Marketing: What it Is and Why It’s Important

content marketing, what is content marketing, why is content marketing important

Content marketing is defined as a marketing format that involves “the creation or sharing of content for the purpose of engaging current and potential consumer base.” With more and more publications moving online, or developing an online presence, and with more and more businesses publishing content for marketing purposes (whether it’s in the form of a blog, …

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Dec 26

Content Marketing Tech Tool of the Week: Google Places

Sorry that this week’s Tech Tool is coming on Wednesday instead of Monday. Monday got really hectic for me all of a sudden. It was a pizza and red velvet whoopie lunch kind of day. Anyway, the Tech Tool of the Week is Google Places. No, this is not because it’s really really fun to …

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Dec 23

An Introduction to Trademarks defines a trademark as a “distinctive name, symbol, motto, or design that legally identifies a company or its products and services, and sometimes prevents others from using identical or similar marks.” There are many words in the English language that are, in fact, trademarks, but aren’t commonly known or recognized as such. This is …

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Dec 22

When It’s Time to Let Go: Dropping a Content Marketing Client.

Clients come and go. That’s just the nature of the beast of freelance writing, and business in general. The client runs out of work, or runs out of money, or decides to switch gears with its business or marketing plan. But, there are times when you simply have to let a client go. I don’t …

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Dec 21

Why There’s No Better Time to Start Freelance Writing than Right Now

Over 25 million Americans are out of work, almost four years after the initial recession hit in 2008. Nicholas Kristof wrote an excellent op-ed piece in the New York Times about unemployment, questioning if the federal government still considers jobs a priority. Certainly, the American people still consider it a priority. I agree with Kristof that …

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Dec 20

Funniest “Writer Wanted” Ads

As a follow up to my post on navigating writer job postings, I’ve decided to post some of the strangest and funniest that I’ve come across in my time as a freelance writer. Feel free to add your own in the comments, or to email me any that should be added to the list. Disclaimer: Any and …

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Dec 19

Freelance Writing Tech Tool of the Week: Freshbooks

One of my niches is technology. I didn’t start out my freelance writing career with the intention to specialize in technology. Sort of just happened that way. One of my early gigs, a blog that I still write for by the way, focused on startups and new technology. I’ve used that gig as a springboard …

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