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Feb 29

Why Keywords Don’t Matter (So Much) in Business Blog Writing

Newsflash: If keywords are your number one priority when it comes to business blog writing, then you’re priorites are all wrong. Now, I’m not discounting the importance of keywords,and I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t worry about keywords at all. I’m merely pointing out that other things should come first when it coems to …

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Feb 27

Content Marketing Tech Tool of the Week: Hubspot Marketing Grader

This week’s Content Marketing Tech Tool of the Week comes from Hubspot, which has created a new Grader site called the┬áMarketing Grader. This grader allows you to evaluate the inbound marketing of your website as a whole, and compare it up to two other competitors. It offers additional insights that are completely relevant to today’s …

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Feb 23

Business Blogging Trends from the Product Manager of Blogger

For most, business blogging takes places on a business blogging platform, such as WordPress, Typepad, or Blogger. Google’s Blogger, with its new integration with Google +, offers a lot of extra benefits for business bloggers and content marketers. In this interview with Bruce Polderman, Product Manager of Blogger, Technorati CEO Shani Higgins discusses social sharing …

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Feb 22

How to Blog: Focusing on the Blog Sidebar

When business blogging, it’s very easy to get caught up with producing great content, coming up with blog post ideas, and optimizing each post with relevent keywords. But, there’s another very important aspect of business blogging that often gets overlooked: the blog sidebar. Most business blogs will include blog navigational features, which includes the blog …

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Feb 21

4 Quick Ways to Increase the Visibility of Your Press Releases

PRWeb. PrLog. I-Newswire. All provide press release distribution services, and distrubtie hundreds of press releases every day. If press releases are part of your content marketing strategy, how do you make them stand out? How do you ensure that your press releases are getting the views you want? Here are five quick ways to …

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Feb 20

Content Marketing Tech Tool of the Week: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

This past week, someone hacked into my parents’ email account and started sending out malicious links. Because my Dad was out of town and my Mom is quite the workaholic, it took them a few days to realize the problem. Before the problem was stopped, about five or six links were emailed out to a …

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Feb 16

Trends in Business Blogging from the GM of Typepad

Not all bloggers are business bloggers, but any blog can be used for business and revenue. Jeff Reine, general manager of Typepad, explains in this interview how blogging can be more than a marketing tool and a revenue driver, but an artform. Business blogging is very similar to regular blogging, even though the topics and …

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Feb 15

How to Blog: 6 Tips to Writing Great Blog Article Headlines

The headline, or your blog title, is the most important part of a blog post. It’s the first thing that people read, and if it’s not written well, it will be the only thing of yours that people read. On average, eight of 10 people will read the headline, but only two out of 10 …

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Feb 14

Why Can’t I Talk About Myself in Business Blogging?

It’s one of the easiest, and most tempting, thing to do on a business blog: talk about yourself. After all, it’s your company blog. Isn’t it supposed to be all about your products, your services, the awards you’ve won, the new people you’ve hired, and the latest even you’ve attended or hosted? No. Why? Because …

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Feb 13

Content Marketing Tech Tool of the Week: Amazon Kindle

This week’s Content Marketing Tech Tool of the Week involves a great method to keep your skills sharp, and to keep yourself up-to-date of what’s going on in content marketing and in your industry. Meet the Amazon Kindle. Amazon just released its new tablet, the Kindle Fire, and both would make an excellent tool to …

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