Monthly Archive: April 2012

Apr 30

Why You Should Get a Free Online Competitor Assessment

A valuable piece of information for any small business, but one of the hardest to find or to gage, is how your online marketing compares to your competitors. You could be doing things well, but could you be doing things better? Are your competitors doing things better, or doing things you’re not? A free online …

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Apr 26

How to Blog: Choosing a Blog Writing Company

Great! You’ve decided to go with a blog writing company for your business blogging efforts. We’ve previously discussed how often you should blog, and why small businesses need a blog writing company or blog writing services to help them with their business blogging efforts. Now, you need to figure out how to choose a blog …

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Apr 25

Business Blogging April News Roundup

I’ve come across tons of great articles and blog posts about business blogging and content marketing. These articles and blog posts increased my knowledge of these subjects, and could probably do the same for you as well. So, instead of hearing more from me, let’s here from these other folks: HubSpot – How Savvy Inbound Marketers …

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Apr 24

Why Small Businesses Can’t Afford to Avoid Content Creation

In recent weeks, I’ve come across way too many “brocureware” websites, many of them belonging to small businesses. These static, bare-bones websites don’t have a lot going on, and don’t have much to offer a web visitor or a potential customer. When small businesses first started putting up a website, simply having the website may …

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Apr 23

5 Content Marketing Lessons to be Learned from Mythbusters

As I’ve been overcome with a cold over the past few days, I’ve been keeping my sniffles and sneezing company with hiccups of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters. Testing, legends, and explosions, just happen to get me thinking. So, all those hours learning about the plausibility of urban myths doesn’t completely go to waste, here are five …

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Apr 19

How Copyscape is Fraudulent on Plagiarism and Content Fraud (Part 1 of 3)

Copyscape is a popular plagiarism detection service that many folks use to see if their content is being stolen, as well as to see if prepared content has been plagiarized from other sources. Many are happy with Copyscape and the service it provides, presuming that it does a good job of catching plagiarism and content fraud. …

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Apr 18

How to Blog: Write Awesome Articles Always

Seems like a given that when learning how to blog, one should do his or her best with every single post. The reason this is highlighted today is because when one writes great posts, others would like to repost them or to syndicate them, which means more recognition for you. Case in point are the …

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Apr 17

Why I Still Draft on Paper for My Business Blogging

There’s something inspiring about taking the pencil (must be pencil, preferably a soft lead) to paper. I find a sense of freedom in drafting on an open page in a spiral bound notebook (I don’t like using the backs, but I keep all the notebooks, so I save paper, right?) Anyway, I like writing the …

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Apr 16

Business Blogging Trends: Is it On the Way Out?

In the most recent issue of Inc. magazine, an article argued that business blogging was on its way out. According to research from the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts, only 37 percent of Inc. 500 companies maintained a blog in 2011, down from 50 percent in 2010. Part of the argument …

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Apr 12

Writing’s Tough (or Why Content Marketing Services are a Good Idea)

We understand that creating remarkable and engaging content is a constant challenge for many small businesses who are engaging in business blogging or content marketing. Here’s a short, whimsical presentation on how tough it really is, and how we may be of help. If you face these challenges, maybe content marketing and business blogging services may …

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