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May 31

Good Content Writers are Cheaper than Good Link Builders. NOT.

Search Engine Watch published a great article about seven reasons why content marketing is better than link building. Although I do agree with six of the seven reasons, I have to disagree with reason number three:  Good Content Writers are Cheaper than Good Link Builders This is an issue that a growing number of writers …

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May 30

10 Busted Myths about Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are an easy way to build fans for your business pages, or to generate leads. But, if it’s so easy, then why aren’t more small businesses doing it? Perhaps it’s because one of these 10 myths are in the way. Here’s each of those 10 myths busted, so you can know the truth …

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May 29

Content is King, and There’s Never Too Much of It

A local St. Louis marketing firm argued in its most recent blog post that too much content can end up hurting your business. Utter hogwash. This post is so riddled with inaccuracies that I’m surprised it actually came from a marketing firm. There is NO SUCH THING as too much content. If there was, then …

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May 24

Why More Blogs and Online Publications Should Allow Sponsored Posts

As part of our article marketing services and our brand journalism package, we offer our clients guest posting, where we’ll write an article, include a link or two back to websites of the client’s choice, and get the article published. In case it’s unclear, when it comes to blogs, a sponsored post is a post …

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May 23

5 Great Reasons for a Business to Business Blog

It should be a no-brainer by now that small businesses should have a blog and that small businesses should be blogging often. Even B2B companies can get a lot of benefit from having their own business to business blog, and blogging often. Here are five great reasons why B2B companies should have a B2B blog: …

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May 22

3 Things Google Says About Great Business Blogging

Google has made 500 algorithm changes in the past year! Most of them we’ve never heard of, and didn’t make much difference to our search engine rankings and to our organic search traffic. However, there were two in the past two months that may have made a significant difference: Panda and Penguin. The changes affect …

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May 21

How the Buying Process Affects Your Content Marketing

Every potential customer goes through a buying process before making the decision to purchase from you or a competitor. If you don’t understand the buying process for your business, and what your target demographic goes through and thinks about when buying your product/service, then you are missing out on crucial content marketing opportunities. A great …

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May 17

Content Marketing News Roundup – May

It’s halfway through May, and a lot has happened. If you’re as busy as we are, then you’ve certainly missed some of the biggest and most important content marketing and business blogging news out there. Here’s the latest and greatest, in case you haven’t been keeping up. Enjoy! Google Rolls Out Knowledge Graph to Make …

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May 16

How to Pitch an Editor or Blog Owner

Pitching an editor or blog owner is much trickier than one would think. Some websites have a specific form where you can submit an article, but most won’t have any such form. If you want to write a guest post for a blog or online publication, you will have to pitch a specific person with …

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May 15

The 5 Ws and H of an Article Marketing Strategy

Previously, I covered the five Ws and the H of a content marketing strategy, and the same ought to be explained for an article marketing strategy. Although a subset of content marketing, article marketing also must have a strategy since it often involves pleasing a third party such as a blog owner or a magazine …

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