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Jun 28

How to Make Your Blog Article Titles More Search Engine Friendly

A mistake that I see a lot in business blogging is that the blog titles are not specific enough. When blog titles are too vague, not only do they not full tell the reader what the blog post is about, but the vague blog title makes it harder for your post to rank on search …

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Jun 27

3 Things I’ve Learned from Managing My Own Blog

This is a guest post from Farhan Niazi, an IT professional with expertise in the fields of Web and Database Development. Niazi is the founder of SMB Tech Guide and is currently serving Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology, Pakistan as the Deputy Director of Information Technology. When I started my first blog about three years ago …

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Jun 18

Should You Have to Pay for Guest Posts?

Guest posting is an important aspect of article marketing, and is a great way to build inbound links and to attract new traffic to your website or blog. But, should you have to pay to put a guest post? If so, how much? I ask because I wanted to have a guest post published on …

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Jun 14

Starting a Website: Why Every Business Needs One

In this day and age, every business, every cause, and every group needs to have a website. It seems like a no brainer, but 40% of small businesses DON’T have website. Even if you are using social media channels to build an online presence for your business, a website is best since it is something …

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Jun 13

Why Your Website Should Have a Blog

If you are planning on starting a website for a new business, then you should definitely consider adding a blog to that website. Blogs have come a long way from their early days as online documentation of teenage angst and unchecked radical opinion. A blog can do well in position you and your website as …

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Jun 12

How to Add Length (and Value) to Your Blog Posts

Did you know that Google now prefers blog posts to be 600 to 800 words, instead of 300 to 400 words? Because of the search engine’s growing emphasis on quality content and a good user experience, blog posts that go more in-depth and cover one topic really well will be more highly ranked than one …

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Jun 11

4 Important Things Business Blogging Can Help With

Only 68% of businesses have a business blog, versus the 92% using Facebook and the 84% using Twitter. Believe it or not, a business blog is considered a social networking tool and can be a great compliment to any social media strategy. Besides social media marketing, here are four important things a business blog can …

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Jun 08

Want to Improve Your Business Blogging? Get a Free Blog Critique!

Whenever I get a new lead, or want to size up a competitor, or check in on another content marketer or freelancer, I always go to the blog. It’s so telling of the person or company who manages it! Factors such as posting frequency, post topics, post length, style and tone all make an impression …

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Jun 07

What is Marketing ROI?

Marketing return on investment is absolutely vital to the success of any small business. If you’re not performing marketing tactics that generate leads and bring in customers, then you’re going to go out of business before anyone knows who you are and what you offer.  But, how do you measure marketing ROI? What tactics bring …

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Jun 05

10 Effective Ways to Promote Your Business to Business Blog

You got a business to business blog. The goal: to educate your readers, to increase brand awareness, to get found online, and/or to generate leads. How do you reach those goals? Here are 10 effective ways to promote your business to business blog, and to get more traffic in no time: Add a Link to …

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