Monthly Archive: September 2012

Sep 26

5 Big Components of a Keyword Strategy

A keyword is a word or phrase that a person enters into a search engine, such as Google or Bing, just as shown in the picture below. Although that’s important to know, and is the foundation to any keyword strategy, a keyword strategy has more components to it than the keywords themselves. Here are the …

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Sep 25

Additional Commonly Troublesome Words for Content Creators

Several weeks ago, HubSpot came out with a great internet writing style guide, something that every person who writes for a living, or creates marketing content as part of their job, should print out and have handy at the desk. Although this ebook, and the list of commonly troublesome words, are incredibly helpful, they are …

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Sep 21

What’s the Difference Between Articles and Corporate Blogs?

This is a question we got from one of our leads, and we think its one that’s worth answering in a blog post. Our lead was planning on having an article database on his website, and wanted to know how different that was from a blog, and if a blog was better. Essentially, they are …

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Sep 19

September Business Blogging and Content Marketing News

Wow! It’s halfway through September already! Almost three-fourths through the year! How’s your content marketing and business blogging going? Do you have goals to hit before 2013, or maybe aspirations in where you want to go with your content marketing or business blogging? If so, then this news roundup may help. OMG! How NOT to write …

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Sep 17

What Everyone Needs to Know about Search Engine Rankings

With all the emphasis on search engine marketing and getting found online, you must know that search engine rankings are very important for your business’ online presence. But, how much do you know about search engine rankings and search engine marketing? What do you need to know in order to get found online? Well, here …

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Sep 13

Consumers like Companies that Engage in Content Marketing

We’ve heard all the excuses of why business blogging and content marketing are bad ideas: it doesn’t help SEO (not true), the market is oversaturated (with bad content and blogging, that’s for sure), it doesn’t generate leads (you’re doing it wrong if that’s the case), it doesn’t make sales (again, you’re doing it wrong if …

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Sep 10

FYI – GoDaddy Hacked, Thousands of Sites Down

You may have noticed on our website (or not, since some of it is down) isn’t working quite right. Our main pages, such as the About Us and our service pages, are down today, while our content marketing blog and our landing pages are doing just fine. The reason is that just today, GoDaddy was …

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