Monthly Archive: October 2012

Oct 31

Online Presence Management and Why it Matters

If you are new to search engines and SEO techniques, you might be shocked by the number of ways they can be used. You will eventually see a number of public relations style services and you may very well wonder: what is internet reputation management? Why does this matter? After all, does what you post …

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Oct 29

Is Guest Blogging Worth It?

Guest blogging is one of the latest buzzwords in content marketing. Nearly everyone understands what it is (it’s essentially writing blog posts for another blog, as a guest), but not everyone understands how to do it, whether Google likes it, why to do it etc. Fortunately, Matt Cutts of Google answers one of these questions …

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Oct 26

How to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

User experience is a big deal when it comes to search engine rankings and overall online marketing. Not only is the user experience what Google is emphasizing when it comes to ranking websites (after all, bounce rate, content quality, and loading speed are factors search engines considered that are also related to the user experience). …

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Oct 24

5 MORE Business Blogging Tips

We have a previous article on business blogging best practices, and although those best practices still stand, there are plenty more that can and ought to be practiced. There have also been changes to Google’s algorithms and search engine optimization that affect what business blogging best practices are, and what business blogging tips really apply. …

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Oct 22

Business Blogging Help: Where to Start It

We previously wrote a post about a competing blog writing company¬†(which shall remain anonymous), where we took issue with how their blog writing services are delivered, as well as some of their answers in their FAQ. Below is one of the company’s frequently asked questions, and what we think the answer is, versus how this …

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Oct 22

How to Write a Press Release for Your Blog

Whether it’s a business blog, a personal blog, or an online publication, writing a press release for your blog is a great way to create a little buzz and to build some referral traffic. Typically with news releases, the point is to get some media attention and to have the topic of your release covered …

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Oct 17

October Business Blogging News Roundup

It’s halfway through October, and for a little change of pace, our monthly news roundup will focus more on business blogging and inbound marketing instead of content marketing. This is a direction that our target market is going, and we think it might be worthwhile to venture in this direction too, just to see what’s …

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Oct 15

Social Media Marketing: 13 Twitter Strategies for Small Businesses

With over 200 million users delivering about 65 million tweets per day, Twitter is a great place where small businesses can engage in marketing that can reach a lot of potential customers. Employing cost-effective and proven advertising strategies is necessary to compete in the market and get exposure to a huge client base. This holds …

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Oct 12

What Businesses Really Need from a Blog Writing Service

We received a submission through our contact form this week from a competing blog writing service. Granted, they saw our awful News Guru blog and offered to help (its our other company blog, one that we realize does need help), and we don’t blame them for the offer or the method in which this particular …

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Oct 10

How to Create a Resource Center and Visibility for Your Brand

A resource center is something that many of my colleagues have, and like to have, as part of their brand. It’s also an idea that we’ve warmed up to and are working on perfecting as part of our brand. We think that a resource center is a great way to generate leads and to create …

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