Monthly Archive: May 2013

May 31

People or Works that are Experimental or Innovative

I am awesome.

The weather is awful here right now. Thunderstorms now. Hail earlier. Tornado warnings and sightings for the area as well. Flash flood warnings for the next hour or so. A couple of people I know without power. I hope that I can write this before the power goes out! I would have nothing left to …

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May 30

My 5-Year Plan

five year plan

Continuing my “business breakthrough” homework, while adding some timeline and action steps to my bucket list, I have created a five year plan. Once again, I was initially going to do this on paper, but I am going to do it here instead because it needs to get done and I need to ‘breakthrough’ on …

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May 30

Copy Editing 101

Copy editing is the process of improving the formatting, style, and accuracy of the text. This is different from proofreading, which looks as spelling and grammar errors and corrects just spelling and grammar errors. Copy editing involves making sure that the facts states are correct and properly cited, that the entire article is understandable from …

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May 29

Chicken ‘N Waffles Coffee Syrup!

chicken n waffles syrup

Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown I am continuing my research for my upcoming coffee blog (I think I now have a great name and a great tagline), coming across cool sites, products, and possible affiliate marketing products. In this research, I came across coffee syrups and there are two main companies that sell coffee …

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May 29

My Perfect Day

I had planned to do this exercise on paper first, but I think I will start here instead. I don’t want to put this off until tomorrow, and the plan was to post this on the blog anyway (for accountability and easy reference). I am going to outline what my perfect day looks like, one …

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May 27

My Bucket List, or Life Goals, or Whatever You Want to Call It

bucket list life goals

My business coach has challenged me to make a list of my one-year goals and my five-years goals. It’s actually harder than it sounds. However, after coming across Location 180 yesterday and reading all of that great content, a bucket list seemed like a great idea that would accomplish those goal lists while really thinking …

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May 26

Dealing With, and Embracing, Uncertainty

embracing the uncertainty

I was spending time today researching how to niche this blog down, how to niche down content marketing and my current business, and how to niche down my business idea (which is best called a niche site, I think. I also think that it would a very terrific niche site.). I don’t think I was …

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May 25

I’m Doing It!

2013 goals and beyond

Guess what? I’m actually being productive, making plans, and getting things done, all like I said I would the other day. Yay me! My VIP day with my business coach yesterday was a huge success. We spent the day figuring out how to remedy my current situation as well as figure out a new business …

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May 24

I’ll Do It!

i'll do it

I’m not Allison Mack, or Bill O’Reilly, but I am just as fabulous. How’s that for a tagline/niche? I need a new one, since I don’t even know what “All is On with Allison” is even all about. I’m thinking that I just have a pretty darn good life that I should be a bit …

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May 23

Determining a Conflict of Interest: An Introduction

If you’re just blogging or writing an online publication on your own, then you don’t have to deal with a conflict of interest all that often. It’s easy to recognize within yourself, and you could perhaps use your conflict of interest as part of your branding, as part of building the business, and as part …

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