Monthly Archive: June 2013

Jun 30

I’m Going to Be a Blogger and Write about My Cat


When I interviewed technology evangelist Ramon Ray, he said that the did not identify himself as a blogger. Ray said that bloggers are people who sit in their pajamas and write about their cat. Well, that’s exactly what I’m doing tonight. I’m going to be a “blogger”, as I will spend this post in my …

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Jun 29

This is Who I Am

i'm awesome

I came across a really cool Tumblr called, … And That’s Who I Am. It’s essentially a microblog of pictures with fun phrases and sentences to describe who you are. Well, most of them are fun, but some of them are not positive or awesome at all, so I don’t know why anyone would want …

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Jun 28

I am Thankful I Don’t Have Student Debt

Uncle Facebook

I managed to do something that’s unthinkable, and maybe nearly impossible, in this day in age: graduate college without a dime of student debt. On top of that, I graduated from Saint Louis University, which cost about $35,000 a year. If I remember correctly, during my four years at SLU, tuition increase by about 10%. …

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Jun 27

There’s No Lenovo Support Center in St. Louis

Lenovo G560 laptop keyboard

At least, I couldn’t find one when I needed it. About two weeks ago, when I broke my laptop by spilling water on it, I contacted a computer repair service that came up on Google. They suggested that I find a Lenovo Support Center to help me, and that I find it by typing “Lenovo …

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Jun 26

There Should Be Live Feeds for Every Single Legislative Session

Sen. Wendy Davis

It’s after midnight, so the Texas special session should be over. But, the live feed is still rolling and 160,000+ people watching are wondering what’s going on here. We’re all wondering why people are still moving around, why the tape is still going, and why people aren’t just walking away and going home. The latest …

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Jun 25

My Empowering Beliefs About Money

“You say it long enough and it starts to be a part of you.” – Rita Pierson It’s not that I thought this idea was “a bunch of hooey”, it’s just that I’ve never seen it in action. I’ve never seen it, or heard about it taking place, or experienced it taking place. I just …

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Jun 23

Progress on My Summer Reading List

summer reading books

I previously committed to reading five books this summer. Not just any five books, but five specific books, although I would like to read more than five books this summer. As of today, I have read two of those five books already: The Business of Baby and the Road to Lost Innocence. I’ve already made …

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Jun 21

I Passed My Inbound Marketing Certification Test!

Even though I’m moving away from the inbound marketing/content marketing business, I started my inbound marketing certification from HubSpot way back in April. It’s a program where you watch a series of nine webinars, or classes, on the various topics. Once you finish the classes, you can then take the test for the certification. I’ve …

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Jun 18

I’m a Night Owl. I Said It.

night sky

Ever since I’ve changed direction with my business and have needed to salvage what I can from the content-marketing-agency wreckage, I’ve turned into a night owl. I feel so accomplished if I’m awake by 10 a.m. The stereotype is that night owls are lazy, unprofessional, undisciplined, and don’t spend much time doing anything when we …

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Jun 17

How Do You Define Quality Content?

defining quality content

And is more quality necessarily better or desired? This is a question that I struggle with every time I have to work with Zerys, or that I think about having to work with Zerys. Zerys is a project management tool designed specifically for content projects, with a built-in marketplace of thousands of professional writers. There’s …

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