Monthly Archive: July 2013

Jul 29

About that Niche

I still haven’t chosen a new niche for this blog yet, although I have given it some thought. There are a few ideas in my head that I’m mulling over, trying to figure out which one would be the most interesting and enjoyable to pursue while needing a reasonable amount of work. I don’t want …

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Jul 28

I Think I Need to Work on My Niche Again

choosing a niche

I feel like this blog lost a little something, that it’s not what it used to be. I understand that part of it might be that the move to the domain name, where few followers transferred over from the WordPress site to this one. The switch also prompted a swarm of spam comments, of which …

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Jul 26

5 Natural Strengths I Have

As one of today’s SuperBetter quests, I am to write down five natural strengths, or five things that I am good at, and then relate those strengths to my goal of eating healthier and losing a few pounds. So, that’s what I’m doing. Here are five things that I’m good at, and how each one …

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Jul 24

In Need of Practical Brain Stimulation

avid reading

New research published today suggests that brain-stimulating activities such as writing and reading books slows down our cognitive decline as we age. The sooner you start, the better, as cognitive decline can begin as early as 27. Also, some reading and writing is better than none at all. It looks like I am in an …

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Jul 23

46 Article Ideas You Can Use for Your Blog Right Now

Maintaining a blog or online publication isn’t easy, and one of the toughest aspects of maintenance is coming up with things to write about! Even if you’re preparing an editorial calendar for the next month, or even the next few months, the ideas aren’t always flowing. If you need a little help, or if you …

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Jul 22

The Little Things I Need to Do (So I Don’t Forget)

to do list

Once again, I’m doing another one of these big fat to-do lists so that I can keep track of myself and not forget a whole bunch of little things. I’m already losing track of the days of the week because my sleep schedule is completely off, so the fewer things I have to keep track …

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Jul 21

5 Top Priorities in Life Right Now

top life priorities

For today’s SuperBetter quest, I am to list the three to five top priorities in my life right now. There are things that, today, are the most important to me in the world. So, I’m doing that, and here are my top five life priorities right now, in no particular order. My Business This is …

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Jul 20

Anyone Know Anything About this Wiki Stuff?

Plants v. Zombies 2 Wiki

Last night, I was looking at the Rogue Legacy Wiki and the Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Wiki when I wondered if there were some awesome wikis on things other than video games. Are there wikis on politics and/or current events, so that it’s a lot easier to keep up with what’s happening, to sort fact …

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Jul 19

I’m Back into Playing Poker


And Other Things that Are Happening This Week I feel like I don’t have one big thing to talk about today, but several little things. As I write this and prepare to do this blog post as a weekly roundup, I also feel like this post will also end up as one big post about …

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Jul 18

What’s Holding Women Back from Having it All

women having it all

I have FINALLY gotten around to reading Why Women Can’t Have It All, the July/August 2012 cover story from the Atlantic by Anne-Marie Slaughter (Hey, the thing is six pages on the Internet. That’s a lot!). It stirred tons of controversy when it first came out, and I do agree with many of the points …

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