Monthly Archive: August 2013

Aug 30

Content for Readers, Local Search, and Other Online Media News Stories

If it was just about writing the darn articles, then the online media business wouldn’t be as tough as it is. However, because some think it’s that simply, it makes the industry that much more competitive. This is why the stories in this online media news roundup are so important: they illustrate the nuances blogs …

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Aug 26

This Week’s Questions Absolutely Suck

the questions are questionable

It’s probably a little fortuitous that I didn’t answer any questions from last week because this week’s questions are absolutely abysmal. Some of the US questions are out of left field, the international questions are somewhat interesting, but incredibly difficult to tackle if you don’t know anything about what’s going on. Which I don’t, so …

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Aug 19

Goals, Updates, and What I’m Capable Of

goals for this week

My parents say I shouldn’t be so negative on this blog, referring to my previous post on how I’m so horrible at this new niche (and considering that I haven’t written a single post this week, I’m still very horrible). However, I say that it’s important to be open and to be honest about these …

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Aug 13

I’m Not Doing Too Well at this New Niche

not doing too well

Of the four questions I planned to do last week, I only did one of the four on the obscure topic of the national horse slaughter ban. The post did rather well for this blog, but I failed to keep the momentum going and to offer insight on a more mainstream topic. I also think …

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Aug 08

I Have Better Things to Do Than This Blog Post

studious and fuzzy

I know I put a picture there of a fuzzy bear being smart and getting things done, but I could have come a lot closer to that bear today. I certainly didn’t spend the entire day goofing off (and I have several hours of my day still, so I may be a bit quick to …

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Aug 08

Why Every Online Publication Needs an Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is essentially the plan for the next month, or even several months, of what’s going to be published on your site. The length will depend on how often your publish, but even those who don’t publish every day or every week can still find value in an editorial calendar. Here’s why every …

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Aug 08

Our First Ever Digital Content and Digital Media News Roundup

Digital media, in a lot of ways, is still an emerging industry. There’s a lot going on, but still a lot that needs to be figured out. The biggest issue that needs to be figured out: what works and why. Here’s some of the latest and greatest in this week’s first ever digital content and …

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Aug 07

Should the National Horse Slaughter Ban of 2006 be Repealed?

horse slaughter ban

The National Horse Slaughter Ban of 2006 was essentially instituted after The Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act of 2005-2006 was signed into law. This law included a clause that removed funding for the inspection of horse slaughterhouses, closing the slaughter houses and the practices all together. The ban was …

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Aug 05

This is Why It’s Awesome to be a Night Owl!

I have been so excited for my new niche this weekend! I’ve been wanting to get started so badly that I kept going to the site looking for the new questions, but new questions are released every Monday. I didn’t want to prepare a question for last week for this week. I want to keep …

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Aug 04

I Figured Out a Niche

I figured it out!

I know I’ve gone through this whole charade before (and I totally did when thinking about my news show and before settling on identity capital), but I’ve figured out a niche for real this time. After thinking about my niche, I’ve come to a decision and I think it’s a good one. I’m going to …

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