Monthly Archive: February 2014

Feb 24

To Remain Productive, Email Management is Key

email producitivity

Long gone are the days when work email stayed at work, where the only way to check it was to log into your desktop. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, it’s easier than ever to check email or to respond to that ‘ding’, whenever and wherever. IT solutions provider, GFI Software, sponsored a blind …

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Feb 21

What You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Productivity

productivity tips

A lot of times, people want to do something but don’t take the time to do that something or to change what’s necessary to get that done. Productivity is one of those things, where people want to be more productive but never actually do anything to become more productive. Cathy Sexton, a productivity strategist and …

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Feb 17

TaxiBeat: Only Ride with the Best Drivers

taxibeat app

When traveling abroad, transportation is one of the more difficult aspects to figure out during your trip. Besides the possible language barrier, many cities don’t have high quality or standardized services, forcing tourists to pay high prices for that quality or to take their chances on a taxi or bus that’s cheaper but not necessarily …

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