Monthly Archive: May 2014

May 31

Poetry Saturday: 7777777

If I remember correctly (which is about a 50/50 chance here), I wrote this in high school in the middle of class. I think it might have been my fiction writing class during my senior year. Unfortunately, I can’t verify the timeline. All the Word documents are time stamped with the same date (July 25, …

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May 24

Poetry Saturday: Movement II

I also wrote this poem for my poetry class at SLU. This poem is much more reflective of my poetry writing style: short lines, short verses, nouns turned into verbs, cutoff words, obscure culture references. Don’t remember the assignment or the story behind this poem. It’s been so long that I probably won’t remember the …

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May 21

All The Things I’ve Stopped (Part 3 of 9)

things that i've stopped

For the third part in this series, I’m going to evaluate my 50 blog post topics list. I wrote this list so I wouldn’t get stuck with writer’s block and stop blogging. I didn’t like the blog post ideas that I was coming up with just so I could get a post up, so I …

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May 19

I Finally Have a File Cabinet!

wooden file cabinet

It was almost a year ago that I set out to purchase a file cabinet for my home office. I have lamented many times about not having quite enough to buy my file cabinet, whether it’s not having enough points, or not having enough money, or not having the time to pick one out. Well, …

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May 17

Poetry Saturday: Emulate This Then Top It

I have written hundreds of poems in my lifetime, although I haven’t written a poem since 2007. I was really into the craft in high school, but once I got to college I didn’t have the time for poetry anymore. I was distracted and intrigued by a variety of new things. These poems have been …

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