About Allison

allison midori reillyA to-do-list enthusiast, Allison Midori Reilly is a writer and Twitch streamer. Previously, she was an editorial assistant at LAUNCH, a startup programming company that hosts the Launch Festival, the This Week in Startups Podcast, the Launch Ticker, and more.

Prior to LAUNCH, Allison was the Director of Editorial Strategy at Inside.com. In charge of growth, Allison applied her previous experiences freelance writer and a self-taught marketer to get people involved with fact-filled, awesome news curation. During her two years at Inside, Allison oversaw the launch of 12 apps and ensured editorial quality with a fastidious approach to grammar, spelling and the facts.

“Success is not how much money make, but how many people benefit from your existence.” 

One of Allison’s very first gigs as a freelance writer was editorial direction for Smallbiztechnology.com, a news site dedicated to helping small businesses learn and leverage technology to grow. In her six months leading editorial direction, she increased visits by 58 percent and increased page views by 32 percent with content planning and ensured content quality. Her work at Smallbiztechnology.com has also been cited in Wikipedia. After Smallbiztechnology.com, she started her own content marketing agency and spent two years as an entrepreneur before deciding to commit 100 percent of her time to Inside.com.

Prior to freelance writing, Allison earned a Bachelor’s degree in political science from Saint Louis University, where she wrote for The University News and was on the lacrosse team. She is currently based in St. Louis. In her spare time, Allison is an active member of the local Amnesty International group.

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