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Oct 24

3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Working to Monetize Your Content

For some blogs and online publications, there comes a point where you transition from a hobby to a source of income. On the surface, monetization is easy. There are methods that are simple to implement and to maintain. However, making money from your content can also mean making pennies per day, or making hundreds of …

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Jul 24

How to Advertise in an Online Magazine

Advertising with an online magazine is certainly different from advertising in a print magazine. You’re reaching the audience in a slightly different way, and it’s likely that the online magazine is geared toward a narrower audience than the print magazine. Online magazines may have different publishing schedules, or more advertising options if the magazine has …

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Jul 18

How to Advertise Effectively with an Online Magazine

Dwhani Shah with Industry Leaders magazine had the right idea when it comes to advertising effectively with an online magazine. However, Shah needed to take things one step further with her suggestions. Her suggestions in building a website for ads to link to is a good one (as should be the case when it comes to any a banner …

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