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Nov 22

9 Empowering Songs for Kicking Ass and Taking Names

I first came up with this blog post idea a long time ago when, in my SuperBetter account, I created “listen to an empowering song” as a power-up. I had a few on my iPod, came across a few more, and decided it would be cool to put them all together in a list post. …

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Nov 08

5 Recent Research Findings that Challenge Notions of Politics and Society

recent political research

Of the many things that go unreported in major news outlets, one of those things are the research findings from major universities. Granted, research does get coverage from time to time, especially if its proven that video games are good for you. And, granted, not all research coming out of a major university deserves press …

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Sep 13

Setting My September Goals

thinking about being awesome

I know it’s a bit late to do this, but better late than never. Part of what it means to be awesome is to set goals, to create action plans to meet those goals, and then actually meet those goals. I’m going to set myself for awesomeness for the rest of the month, and eventually …

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Jul 19

I’m Back into Playing Poker


And Other Things that Are Happening This Week I feel like I don’t have one big thing to talk about today, but several little things. As I write this and prepare to do this blog post as a weekly roundup, I also feel like this post will also end up as one big post about …

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Jul 05

You Must Play Geoguessr (and Challenge My High Score)

my first location

Geoguessr, if you haven’t heard of it, is a brand new Google Maps game where you’re given a random location in the world and you have to use the clues in the Google Street View photography to figure it out and take a guess. Each game gives you five locations, and you only have one …

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Jun 28

I am Thankful I Don’t Have Student Debt

Uncle Facebook

I managed to do something that’s unthinkable, and maybe nearly impossible, in this day in age: graduate college without a dime of student debt. On top of that, I graduated from Saint Louis University, which cost about $35,000 a year. If I remember correctly, during my four years at SLU, tuition increase by about 10%. …

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Jun 21

I Passed My Inbound Marketing Certification Test!

Even though I’m moving away from the inbound marketing/content marketing business, I started my inbound marketing certification from HubSpot way back in April. It’s a program where you watch a series of nine webinars, or classes, on the various topics. Once you finish the classes, you can then take the test for the certification. I’ve …

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May 31

People or Works that are Experimental or Innovative

I am awesome.

The weather is awful here right now. Thunderstorms now. Hail earlier. Tornado warnings and sightings for the area as well. Flash flood warnings for the next hour or so. A couple of people I know without power. I hope that I can write this before the power goes out! I would have nothing left to …

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Feb 22

Back on Track

getting back on track

I woke up today and committed to making today a productive, awesome day. I committed to making today a great day and to getting things done. Not only did I accomplish that, but I also found a dollar bill this morning on my way to the bus stop. It’s the second dollar bill I’ve found …

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Jan 18

The 6 Documentaries I’m Going to Watch Next

the week ahead

The last documentary that I watched, in its entirety, is the latest PBS Frontline special about the first four years of the Obama administration. Yes, I enjoy watching PBS and documentaries, as I don’t understand what’s so great about crime dramas and the Jersey Shore. I find being smart and knowing what’s going on around the …

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