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Jun 10

Should I Put My Blog Posts on Medium?

should i put my post son Medium?

Medium, if you don’t know, is an open, easy-to-use platform where anyone can create an account to start writing and to share that writing with the world. Awesome, well known people like Barack Obama and Gary Vaynerchuk have used the platform to publish content, as well as plenty of not-so-awesome, not-so-well known folks. One strategy …

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Jun 03

I Want to Talk About All the Things

i want to do all the things

When most beginners start blogging, all them blogging and social media gurus tell you that you gotta pick something. Nobody likes jacks- and janes-of-all-trades, so you need to pick something and specialize in it and build a community around that one topic you picked. It’s easier that way. It’s easier to attract a community. It’s …

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Jul 23

46 Article Ideas You Can Use for Your Blog Right Now

Maintaining a blog or online publication isn’t easy, and one of the toughest aspects of maintenance is coming up with things to write about! Even if you’re preparing an editorial calendar for the next month, or even the next few months, the ideas aren’t always flowing. If you need a little help, or if you …

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May 16

4 Things to Think About When Starting a Blog or Online Publication

Starting your own blog, online publication, or online magazine may be easier and cheaper than ever, but that doesn’t mean the venture is a simple or smooth road. There is plenty to think about when getting started, with everything from the name and the design to what you’re going to write about every day, every …

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May 08

3 Ways Not to Do Business Blogging, and How to Do It Right

There’s a lot of great advice on how to do business blogging well, why it should be done, and what great business blogging can accomplish. There’s also a lot of advice on the biggest and most common business blogging mistakes. However, there’s not a whole lot that puts the two together, that actually shows you …

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May 06

Blogging and SEO: 3 Places To Include Links to Your Blog Posts

We all know that inbound links are great, and that inbound links are one of the benefits of business blogging. A good way to increase the number of links to your blog posts is with internal links, links to your blog posts from other pages on your site. Of course, you can do this by …

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May 01

Blogging and Business: Using a Blog to Build a Business

Technology evangelist Ramon Ray is the editor of, a media company dedicated to creating helpful content about technology for small businesses. What started as a humble website in April 1999 has grown into an influential resource that publishes books, hosts events, speaks at events, creates content for the websites. Although Ray would never call …

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Apr 29

6 Crucial Components to Writing Great Blog Post Titles

The blog post title is the first thing, and oftentimes the only thing, that a reader or web visitor will see of your blog post. How do you engage them with just a headline? How do you get them to read more? The key isn’t necessarily what you write about, but how you communicate the …

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Apr 19

AP Style Blogging: What That Even Means

Associated Press style, or AP Style, are the grammatical rules followed by journalists and many print media outlets in the United States. In my opinion, it’s one aspect of print media and the news industry that ought to creep more into business blogging and digital media, although it hasn’t crept as quickly as I would …

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Apr 15

Why Did I Drop in Search Engine Rankings?

In a discussion with one of clients over the weekend, they mentioned that they had dropped in search engine rankings about six weeks ago. They were on the first page for several crucial keywords, but noticed over a month ago that they had been bumped back to the third page. They didn’t know what happened, …

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