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Apr 26

Creating Blog Content: Why “Contact Us” is a Horrible Call to Action

At the End of Your Blog Posts, That Is One thing that we see on a lot of business to business blogs (and on B2C blogs) is a call-to-action to contact the company or to visit other pages on the website for more information. It’s great that these businesses understand the benefit of putting a …

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Apr 22

5 Practical Ways to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

Whether you’re a blogger, a small business owner, or have an online enterprise, you are likely to have a Facebook page. If you don’t already, you should, as a Facebook page is a great way to not only promote your product, but reach a bigger audience base as well. How so? Well, every time someone …

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Apr 01

How White Paper Writing Companies Can Help Your Business

White papers are not new themselves, but they are fairly new as a content marketing technique. In fact, 68% find the papers useful for researching individual vendors, and 59% for creating a vendor short list. If you don’t have a white paper writing company on your side, you’re missing out on a huge chance to …

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Mar 18

The 3 Main Reasons Why Businesses Blog

According to HubSpot, companies with blogs attract 55% more website visitors, get 97% more inbound links and have 434% more indexed web pages than blog-less companies. It sounds great, but there are still a lot of companies who don’t have a business blog, or only publish once a month, or who wrote 10 posts last year …

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Mar 06

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Emails

Granted, email newsletters are just one part of an overall content marketing strategy or campaign. If it’s the only way you’re doing content marketing, then you’re missing out on great opportunities. However, you are also missing out on great opportunities if you don’t have a strategy for each type of content, or with your email …

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Mar 04

How Business Blogging Affects the Buying Process

The buying process is defined as, “The set of procedures used to identify products for purchase, verify quality and compliance of products and vendors, carry out purchasing transactions, and verify that operations associated with purchasing have been executed appropriately.” If you’re business isn’t treating its buying process as complex as that definition, then it’s likely …

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Feb 13

Why We Use HubSpot (and Why You Should Too)

We have been using HubSpot for much of our marketing for almost 18 months know, and we don’t regret the decision one bit. In fact, we wouldn’t be where we are today without HubSpot, and we wouldn’t be able to provide the services that we provide, with the knowledge that we have, without their previous …

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Jan 21

3 Obvious Ways to Promote Your Landing Pages

Regardless of your lead generation offer, a landing page is necessary to create interest and to draw in potential customers. Of course, simply tossing up a landing page for the offer doesn’t ensure traffic or conversions. In order for the landing page to become active, searchable and easily found by those who don’t know about …

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Jul 10

How to Generate Quality Leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is kind of like that social network standing in the corner at the middle school dance. Everyone knows LinkedIn is there, but no one interacts with him like they do with Facebook and Pinterest. It’s kind of sad really, because LinkedIn has a lot to offer, and could do a better job of generating …

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