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Jun 23

How Many Articles Can I Peruse in a Workday?

And Can I Finish This Blog Post Before My Fiance Goes to Bed? It seriously freaks me out when my fiance goes to bed before me. I have no idea why. He’s just going to the next room and won’t even completely close the day because the cat needs to be able to go in …

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Jun 22

Hustle, Hustle, Hustle

using original content to build a community

I need to work harder. I have 11+ communities that I need to build around 11+ different topics. I don’t have much idea how to do that, let alone doing it quickly, but that is what I need to do at work right now. The only idea I really have is to write. Write blog …

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Oct 10

Content and SEO are the Same Thing!

Get That Into Your Head Already! An interesting problem that we run into regularly is that a client hires us to do business communications, such as press releases, blog posts, web content etc. That’s great, but what the client also does is hire an SEO firm to do whatever it is they need to do. …

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Apr 26

Creating Blog Content: Why “Contact Us” is a Horrible Call to Action

At the End of Your Blog Posts, That Is One thing that we see on a lot of business to business blogs (and on B2C blogs) is a call-to-action to contact the company or to visit other pages on the website for more information. It’s great that these businesses understand the benefit of putting a …

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Apr 17

Importance of Content Marketing: The 2013 Digital Influencer Report

Technorati Media recently came out with its 2013 Digital Influencer Report, covering the latest insights of brand marketers, influencers, and consumers when its comes to social media and digital marketing. Sixty percent of brand marketers predict an average increase of 40 percent in social spending this year, but that spending isn’t aligned with how consumers …

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Apr 01

How White Paper Writing Companies Can Help Your Business

White papers are not new themselves, but they are fairly new as a content marketing technique. In fact, 68% find the papers useful for researching individual vendors, and 59% for creating a vendor short list. If you don’t have a white paper writing company on your side, you’re missing out on a huge chance to …

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Mar 08

Content Creation: How to Turn One Idea Into 20 Pieces of Content

Somewhere, we came across a great content creation idea of getting 20 pieces of content out of one idea or topic. We thought this idea would be a great way to provide additional value to our clients while relieving some of our content creation woes. However, we couldn’t remember where we saw the idea and …

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Mar 06

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Emails

Granted, email newsletters are just one part of an overall content marketing strategy or campaign. If it’s the only way you’re doing content marketing, then you’re missing out on great opportunities. However, you are also missing out on great opportunities if you don’t have a strategy for each type of content, or with your email …

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Feb 27

February Inbound Marketing News Roundup

It’s almost the end of a short month, but that doesn’t mean fewer things have happened in inbound marketing. There are always changes, new tools, and new thoughts to learn about. Here’s a roundup of the most important, and the most informative, inbound marketing news from the past month: The Shift of Inbound Marketing in …

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Feb 20

When Promoting Your Business, Focus on People

People needs to be the focus of you business, whether you are marketing your business, making a sale, or promoting your brand. After all, it’s people who buy from you (not the search engines) and nothing can predict when people are ready to buy. One thing that is predictable is everyone wants, and there are …

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