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Oct 03

How to Choose a Successful Niche for Your Blog

One of the toughest, and most important, aspects of starting your blog or online publication is choosing a successful niche. It’s tough because you don’t necessarily want to do what everyone else is doing, so you have to find something differentiating or an alternative angle. It’s important because without a defined niche, then you’ll end …

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Dec 19

How a New Company Should Get Started with Content Marketing

I got a call yesterday from a potential client, as he asked for my professional opinion on what I should do for his new business in order to increase awareness and to create buzz. It’s a good question, since new companies need to market themselves. However, new companies don’t have the resources established companies have …

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Dec 17

How to Set Your Business Blogging Goals for 2013

The new year is less than two weeks away, and as many of us are working to end the year well while spending time with family during the holiday season. Through all that, it can be tough to plan for the new year, or even just to consider how you will make 2013 better than …

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Dec 14

How to Write Your Content Marketing Strategy

Less than five percent of organizations have a written content marketing strategy, even though companies want to increase their content marketing spending and feel as if they need to produce more content. Increasing spending and creating more content is futile without a content marketing strategy. Having one written down actually makes the whole content marketing …

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Oct 22

Business Blogging Help: Where to Start It

We previously wrote a post about a competing blog writing company (which shall remain anonymous), where we took issue with how their blog writing services are delivered, as well as some of their answers in their FAQ. Below is one of the company’s frequently asked questions, and what we think the answer is, versus how this …

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Feb 03

Small Business Advice: Who’s Advice is Best?

Great! You’ve decided to start a business, and many people are behind you in your endeavor. However, you are new to this, and would love any and all advice on how to proceed and how to be successful. Who do you listen to? Who’s advice is best? This can be hard to figure out, especially …

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