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May 30

Copy Editing 101

Copy editing is the process of improving the formatting, style, and accuracy of the text. This is different from proofreading, which looks as spelling and grammar errors and corrects just spelling and grammar errors. Copy editing involves making sure that the facts states are correct and properly cited, that the entire article is understandable from …

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Jan 04

Why are Writing Companies Good for Small Businesses?

When folks hear the words “writing company”, they may think of things like article writing companies or essay writing companies; entities that don’t have the best reputation. However, a writing company isn’t just a content mill creating mediocre articles or a service designed to do homework for college students. Writing companies are also content marketing …

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Jul 17

Why Every Online Publication Should Have a Style Guide

If an online magazine or publication wants to have any sense of consistency or standard in its content, then a style guide is needed in order to achieve that. A style guide, similar to that of the AP Style Guide, is a set of guidelines your publication adheres to when it comes to industry terms, company names, and other words relevant …

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