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Jun 18

I’m Gonna Start a Podcast

new news podcast

I’ve been considering the idea of a podcast for some time now. I was originally inspired to start a human rights podcast after Amnesty International’s national conference in Brooklyn in March. There was a lot of discussion about building human rights awareness and education and in efforts to encourage young people (like myself) to join and/or …

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Jul 03

There is a Plan B for Birth Control and Health Care Plans

Every Thursday, I will republish my best articles from Since Technorati redesigned its website and is under new managements, tens of thousands of articles that were previously published on the site are no longer available. I have been given explicit permission to republish my work on my own website. Last Friday, the White House announced …

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Apr 10

What Is “Labour Camp Management Software”?

labour camp management software

I ask this question because “labour camp management software” was one of the top search terms for my blog today. Yes, it came with the British spelling of the word, “labor”. I typed the search term into Google myself, and the first page is full of websites about “camp management software.” Camp management software is …

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Apr 09

Al Jazeera’s Journalists are Going to Trial

Al Jazeera journalists on trial

Ask Egypt to Release These Journalists Immediately Three Al Jazeera English journalists, Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy, and Baher Mohamed, have been detained without trial for about two months. They have been in police custody since December 29, as they’ve been accused of “spreading lies harmful to state security and joining a terrorist organization.” Specifically, they are …

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Apr 08

Tell China to Put Re-Education Labor Camps in the Past

re-education through labor

This Includes Those Who Brought Light to the Issue in The First Place China made headlines several months ago for its announcement to abolish re-education camps. These labor camps existed for over 50 years and imprisoned millions without trial, many of them are offenders of minor crimes, religious activists such as members of the Falun …

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Apr 07

Protect the Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Expression

freedom of assembly Russia

Stop Russia From Making Street Protests a Crime Russia already has restrictive rules governing public assemblies, where a violation of the legal requirements for demonstrations entails a fine of 20,000 rubles ($570) or up to 40 hours of community service. A new draft law in the State Duma increases these penalties and introduces jail time …

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