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Jun 15

Is The Doc Filled with News or Noise?

news or noise, determining news over noise,

At work, the editorial team and I used to have a document called, well, “The Doc.” The Doc was a Google Sheet where we placed all the stories we intended to cover and we simply went through the stories in order. We broke the order if an important story broke that needed to get into …

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Aug 30

Content for Readers, Local Search, and Other Online Media News Stories

If it was just about writing the darn articles, then the online media business wouldn’t be as tough as it is. However, because some think it’s that simply, it makes the industry that much more competitive. This is why the stories in this online media news roundup are so important: they illustrate the nuances blogs …

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Aug 08

Our First Ever Digital Content and Digital Media News Roundup

Digital media, in a lot of ways, is still an emerging industry. There’s a lot going on, but still a lot that needs to be figured out. The biggest issue that needs to be figured out: what works and why. Here’s some of the latest and greatest in this week’s first ever digital content and …

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May 09

4 Ways to Catch and to Prevent Plagiarism

Nobody wants plagiarism on their blog or online publication, but it can be tough to prevent and harder to catch. It’s tempting for some to plagiarize with the ease and wealth of information out there, and a misunderstand of what plagiarism is can mean false positives (and false negatives) upon your editorial review. To make …

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May 02

Plagiarism 101 for Blogs and Online Publications

Plagiarism is the cardinal sin of online writing and publishing. No one wants it to happen on their website because it ruins credibility, quality, and search engine rankings. It’s understood to be a huge ethical problem. However, with the Internet, it’s easier than ever to plagiarize while being just as difficult to catch it or …

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Apr 19

AP Style Blogging: What That Even Means

Associated Press style, or AP Style, are the grammatical rules followed by journalists and many print media outlets in the United States. In my opinion, it’s one aspect of print media and the news industry that ought to creep more into business blogging and digital media, although it hasn’t crept as quickly as I would …

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Apr 12

Brand Journalism: What Is It

“Brand journalism” is one of the latest online marketing trends, along with “smarketing”, “gamification”, and “native marketing” (which we will over in a later post). What is brand journalism, and is it something that you should be doing with your business? Is it something that you might already be doing, particularly if you’re already publishing …

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Mar 14

How to Determine What Your Audience Needs to Know

When covering news stories, whether they are niche news stories or general interest stories, it’s important to be able to determine what your audience needs to know versus what they want to know. The easy way is to write about anything and everything that will generate clicks, sell ad space, and be shared online. We’re …

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Feb 07

Setting a Policy on Corrections

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time when publishing the latest blog post or news article, and sometimes errors are caught right away and changes can be made immediately. Other times, an error isn’t caught until a few hours, or even a few days (if at all), which is not only short-sighted in publishing but …

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Jan 16

What the Crystal L. Cox Case Means for Bloggers

The Crystal L. Cox case shook the blogosphere, ultimately disappointing bloggers and journalists everywhere with the truth regarding her tactics and how she used blogging and search engine optimization. What happened, and what could this case mean to you, especially if you don’t consider yourself an “investigative blogger” or even blog as your profession? Here …

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