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Jun 23

How Many Articles Can I Peruse in a Workday?

And Can I Finish This Blog Post Before My Fiance Goes to Bed? It seriously freaks me out when my fiance goes to bed before me. I have no idea why. He’s just going to the next room and won’t even completely close the day because the cat needs to be able to go in …

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Feb 17

TaxiBeat: Only Ride with the Best Drivers

taxibeat app

When traveling abroad, transportation is one of the more difficult aspects to figure out during your trip. Besides the possible language barrier, many cities don’t have high quality or standardized services, forcing tourists to pay high prices for that quality or to take their chances on a taxi or bus that’s cheaper but not necessarily …

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Dec 29

What About Information Digestion?

information digestion diet

As I’ve previously mentioned, I finished reading The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption and, overall, I found it to be great read. Author Clay Johnson makes several excellent points throughout the book, essentially arguing that the problem is information over-consumption, not necessarily information overload. He uses health and nutrition as a metaphor, where …

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Dec 20

New, Awesome, Fun Idea for My Blog

awesome news writing

Since I spend about 30 hours a week devouring the news, I pondered over how to apply all that news consumption toward the blog. I like the news. I like reading the news. I like writing about the news. But, I don’t want to do what others are paying me to do. It’s best that …

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Dec 18

Can I Just Be a News Expert?

news expert

Is there such a thing as a news expert? I ask because that’s what I want to be. If it already does exist, then that’s what I want to be and I want to know what it takes to become a news expert. If it doesn’t yet exist, then I’ll figure out what it means …

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Dec 01

Contributing to the Information Diet

i love the news

There’s a book I read about two years ago called, The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption. I remembered that I liked the book and found it informative, but after two years, I’ve forgotten the premise and main points. Since it’s a short book, and since I’ve gotten back into the news business, I’ve …

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Nov 19

Bullet Journal, New Gigs, and Getting Things Back Together


Been spending my time over the past few weeks working to get everything back together. I think much of it crumbled from under me because I wasn’t spending enough time working, and because I didn’t spend any time planning my branding. For my branding, I just threw something together, never really thought about, and so …

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Nov 08

5 Recent Research Findings that Challenge Notions of Politics and Society

recent political research

Of the many things that go unreported in major news outlets, one of those things are the research findings from major universities. Granted, research does get coverage from time to time, especially if its proven that video games are good for you. And, granted, not all research coming out of a major university deserves press …

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Nov 05

5 Countries Threatened by Climate Change

countries threatened by climate change

It’s easy to say there’s no scientific consensus on climate change when it’s not your home that’s in jeopardy. Even though the United States isn’t going to be swallowed by rising sea levels (well, not exactly true when you consider Kivalina, Alaska), the country as a whole isn’t at risk of nonexistence. We may lose …

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Aug 13

I’m Not Doing Too Well at this New Niche

not doing too well

Of the four questions I planned to do last week, I only did one of the four on the obscure topic of the national horse slaughter ban. The post did rather well for this blog, but I failed to keep the momentum going and to offer insight on a more mainstream topic. I also think …

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