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Aug 08

Why Every Online Publication Needs an Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is essentially the plan for the next month, or even several months, of what’s going to be published on your site. The length will depend on how often your publish, but even those who don’t publish every day or every week can still find value in an editorial calendar. Here’s why every …

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Jul 23

46 Article Ideas You Can Use for Your Blog Right Now

Maintaining a blog or online publication isn’t easy, and one of the toughest aspects of maintenance is coming up with things to write about! Even if you’re preparing an editorial calendar for the next month, or even the next few months, the ideas aren’t always flowing. If you need a little help, or if you …

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May 30

Copy Editing 101

Copy editing is the process of improving the formatting, style, and accuracy of the text. This is different from proofreading, which looks as spelling and grammar errors and corrects just spelling and grammar errors. Copy editing involves making sure that the facts states are correct and properly cited, that the entire article is understandable from …

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May 23

Determining a Conflict of Interest: An Introduction

If you’re just blogging or writing an online publication on your own, then you don’t have to deal with a conflict of interest all that often. It’s easy to recognize within yourself, and you could perhaps use your conflict of interest as part of your branding, as part of building the business, and as part …

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May 17

8 Factors in Search Engine Rankings You Probably Don’t Know About

I just found out from a colleague that Google uses over 200 ranking factors when determining which pages go where in the search engine results. I knew there were a lot, but I didn’t realize there were that many and how they impacted the search engine rankings of my website and the sites of my …

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May 16

4 Things to Think About When Starting a Blog or Online Publication

Starting your own blog, online publication, or online magazine may be easier and cheaper than ever, but that doesn’t mean the venture is a simple or smooth road. There is plenty to think about when getting started, with everything from the name and the design to what you’re going to write about every day, every …

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May 09

4 Ways to Catch and to Prevent Plagiarism

Nobody wants plagiarism on their blog or online publication, but it can be tough to prevent and harder to catch. It’s tempting for some to plagiarize with the ease and wealth of information out there, and a misunderstand of what plagiarism is can mean false positives (and false negatives) upon your editorial review. To make …

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May 02

Plagiarism 101 for Blogs and Online Publications

Plagiarism is the cardinal sin of online writing and publishing. No one wants it to happen on their website because it ruins credibility, quality, and search engine rankings. It’s understood to be a huge ethical problem. However, with the Internet, it’s easier than ever to plagiarize while being just as difficult to catch it or …

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Apr 18

How News Websites and Online Publications Can Do SEO

Search engine optimization isn’t just for businesses. If you want your content to get found online (which would include news websites and online publications, then you do need to think about SEO practices. Although you won’t be implementing the exact same tactics as a company website, there are ways you can do SEO as well …

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Feb 14

5 Ways to Maintain an Awesome Social Media Presence

Just like with any other type of brand or business, a blog or online publication needs a great social media presence in order to build a solid audience. You can’t rely on great content and SEO to get you there, as you need to amplify your content through social media. If you need help building …

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