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Jul 19

Poetry Saturday: Light Ray Divergence

I wrote many poems in my physics class during my junior year of high school. I have several poems about physical concepts, or inspired by my time sitting in that classroom. I should find that poem I wrote about how nice a day it was outside, only to find myself stuck indoors. I feel like …

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Jul 12

Poetry Saturday: The Glass of Monkeysweep

This is a poem that I remember clearly! During P.E. class my sophomore year of high school, we were required to choose different sports to participate in during class. For part of a semester, one of the sports I chose was ultimate Frisbee. We learned the rules of the game, how to throw a Frisbee, …

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Jul 05

Poetry Saturday: What Blue Doesn’t Tell You

I had hoped that I had something American or Patriotic that I could share during Independence Day weekend, but I couldn’t find anything that stuck out. So, I figured a poem about the color blue would be just fine. I do have a poem about the color red, but I didn’t want to share that …

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Jun 28

Poetry Saturday: Under the Syringa Tree

“Syringa Tree” is such a specific reference, one that I cannot remember (are we surprised at this point that I can’t remember doing many of these poems). My first instinct was that I was referring to a species of tree mentioned in Wangari Maathai’s memoir, “Unbowed,” but I knew that wasn’t right. I read that …

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Jun 21

Poetry Saturday: 10 Minutes

I’d like every poem I post for Poetry Saturday to have a story behind it, but some of them don’t have a story behind it, such as today’s poem. I don’t know what this one is about, or when I wrote it, but my best guess is that it’s about the fact that it only …

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Jun 14

Poetry Saturday: An Untitled Rondeau

I didn’t know what to title this poem after I wrote it, which is why it has the title that it has. A rondeau is a type of poem where there are three verses with specific lengths and rhyming schemes. There are three verses, and the first and the last one are six lines each. …

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May 31

Poetry Saturday: 7777777

If I remember correctly (which is about a 50/50 chance here), I wrote this in high school in the middle of class. I think it might have been my fiction writing class during my senior year. Unfortunately, I can’t verify the timeline. All the Word documents are time stamped with the same date (July 25, …

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May 24

Poetry Saturday: Movement II

I also wrote this poem for my poetry class at SLU. This poem is much more reflective of my poetry writing style: short lines, short verses, nouns turned into verbs, cutoff words, obscure culture references. Don’t remember the assignment or the story behind this poem. It’s been so long that I probably won’t remember the …

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May 17

Poetry Saturday: Emulate This Then Top It

I have written hundreds of poems in my lifetime, although I haven’t written a poem since 2007. I was really into the craft in high school, but once I got to college I didn’t have the time for poetry anymore. I was distracted and intrigued by a variety of new things. These poems have been …

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