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Oct 10

Content and SEO are the Same Thing!

Get That Into Your Head Already! An interesting problem that we run into regularly is that a client hires us to do business communications, such as press releases, blog posts, web content etc. That’s great, but what the client also does is hire an SEO firm to do whatever it is they need to do. …

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May 17

8 Factors in Search Engine Rankings You Probably Don’t Know About

I just found out from a colleague that Google uses over 200 ranking factors when determining which pages go where in the search engine results. I knew there were a lot, but I didn’t realize there were that many and how they impacted the search engine rankings of my website and the sites of my …

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May 13

Improving Your SEO in Mobile Marketing

People are already shopping on their mobile phones, tweeting from their mobile phones, and using their mobile phones to find jobs, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that people are using their phones to search online as well. Of smartphone users, 71 percent run a mobile search when they see an ad online, on television, …

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May 10

How a Marketing and SEO Strategy Should Grow With You

Do you run your own website or blog? If you’re just starting out, you need to be employing SEO to your corner of the web. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it stands for search engine optimization. Basically, SEO is placing keywords (and other strategies) on your page that people will commonly search for …

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May 06

Blogging and SEO: 3 Places To Include Links to Your Blog Posts

We all know that inbound links are great, and that inbound links are one of the benefits of business blogging. A good way to increase the number of links to your blog posts is with internal links, links to your blog posts from other pages on your site. Of course, you can do this by …

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May 03

The Role of Social Media Marketing of Online Marketing

Social Media Optimization is usually considered as a part of online marketing, and is the optimizing of a site and its content to make it worth sharing on various social media sites. In short, we can say, SMO is making use of social media in order to promote a brand or a product or to …

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Apr 15

Why Did I Drop in Search Engine Rankings?

In a discussion with one of clients over the weekend, they mentioned that they had dropped in search engine rankings about six weeks ago. They were on the first page for several crucial keywords, but noticed over a month ago that they had been bumped back to the third page. They didn’t know what happened, …

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Apr 10

Writing Meta Descriptions: 5 More Quick Tips

Our article offering four quick tips to writing meta descriptions has been one of most popular articles on our blog to date. Writing a great meta description hasn’t changed all that much, but there have been enough changes to social media and search engine rankings to merit a review of the tips to writing great …

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Dec 26

5 Mistakes Businesses Make in Keyword Research

The right keywords play a big role in putting your website in a prominent position in a search engine results page. Thus, the first instinct of online marketing newbies is to go for popular keywords in the hopes of generating plenty of hits. In reality, this is a mistake, and a common one at that. …

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Oct 22

Business Blogging Help: Where to Start It

We previously wrote a post about a competing blog writing company (which shall remain anonymous), where we took issue with how their blog writing services are delivered, as well as some of their answers in their FAQ. Below is one of the company’s frequently asked questions, and what we think the answer is, versus how this …

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