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Jun 26

The Article Perusing Solution is Going Well

meetedgar social media tool

I devised a solution at work to attempt to read as many of the articles that we cover as possible. It’s not a perfect solution, as it heavily depends on the writers taking the time to put their sources on the documents, but so far it has been working very well. I can get through …

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Jun 23

How Many Articles Can I Peruse in a Workday?

And Can I Finish This Blog Post Before My Fiance Goes to Bed? It seriously freaks me out when my fiance goes to bed before me. I have no idea why. He’s just going to the next room and won’t even completely close the day because the cat needs to be able to go in …

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Jul 10

How to Generate Quality Leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is kind of like that social network standing in the corner at the middle school dance. Everyone knows LinkedIn is there, but no one interacts with him like they do with Facebook and Pinterest. It’s kind of sad really, because LinkedIn has a lot to offer, and could do a better job of generating …

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