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Jan 18

Martin Luther King Jr. Scholar: 10 Years Later

Almost 10 years ago, I arrived in St. Louis to interview for the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship at Saint Louis University. The scholarship had been around for two years, but this year was the first year the college was interviewing candidates before selecting scholarship recipients. The weekend was cold, in the teens, one of …

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Apr 03

I Don’t Like Tornado Warnings

I don’t like it when the sirens go off. They are scary. Sean says we don’t have to do anything until it gets really windy, or until you hear it get really loud, like the sound of an oncoming train. I don’t like any of it, although I don’t think anyone does. It makes me …

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Jul 07

I am Getting SuperBetter at Eating Healthier

As I was working on my summer reading list and making my way through Citizenville, the author discussed the idea of making government more fun by turning civic duty into some sort of game. The city of Manor, Texas did it by awarding residents a fake currency for submitting an idea on how to fix …

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Jun 28

I am Thankful I Don’t Have Student Debt

Uncle Facebook

I managed to do something that’s unthinkable, and maybe nearly impossible, in this day in age: graduate college without a dime of student debt. On top of that, I graduated from Saint Louis University, which cost about $35,000 a year. If I remember correctly, during my four years at SLU, tuition increase by about 10%. …

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Jun 27

There’s No Lenovo Support Center in St. Louis

Lenovo G560 laptop keyboard

At least, I couldn’t find one when I needed it. About two weeks ago, when I broke my laptop by spilling water on it, I contacted a computer repair service that came up on Google. They suggested that I find a Lenovo Support Center to help me, and that I find it by typing “Lenovo …

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