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Jun 22

Hustle, Hustle, Hustle

using original content to build a community

I need to work harder. I have 11+ communities that I need to build around 11+ different topics. I don’t have much idea how to do that, let alone doing it quickly, but that is what I need to do at work right now. The only idea I really have is to write. Write blog …

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Mar 06

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Emails

Granted, email newsletters are just one part of an overall content marketing strategy or campaign. If it’s the only way you’re doing content marketing, then you’re missing out on great opportunities. However, you are also missing out on great opportunities if you don’t have a strategy for each type of content, or with your email …

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Feb 05

How to Do Content Marketing Article Roundup

This week, we’re going to try something new and to create a series of roundup posts containing articles on a certain topic. Today’s example is a roundup of the best articles we have specifically about how to do content marketing, or some aspect of content marketing. We revisited our 101 blog post ideas list for …

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Feb 01

How to Spot a Snake Oil Content Marketing Firm

Content marketing services are going to be big with businesses this year, even more so than last year. The buzzing trend will not only encourage good, solid consultants and agencies to offer content marketing, but it will also encourage awful firms to provide “content marketing” or to pose as a “content marketing firm.” Need help …

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Dec 28

Our Content Marketing and Business Blogging Goals for 2013

We previously talked about how to set your content marketing and business blogging goals for the new year, and hopefully you’ve set a few, or are planning to within the next few days. Therefore, it’s only fair that we share with you some of our content marketing and business blogging goals for the 2013. Below …

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Dec 19

How a New Company Should Get Started with Content Marketing

I got a call yesterday from a potential client, as he asked for my professional opinion on what I should do for his new business in order to increase awareness and to create buzz. It’s a good question, since new companies need to market themselves. However, new companies don’t have the resources established companies have …

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Dec 14

How to Write Your Content Marketing Strategy

Less than five percent of organizations have a written content marketing strategy, even though companies want to increase their content marketing spending and feel as if they need to produce more content. Increasing spending and creating more content is futile without a content marketing strategy. Having one written down actually makes the whole content marketing …

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