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Apr 28

All The Things I’ve Stopped (Part 2 of 9)


I’m going to bet that a few people thought that I failed at finishing this blog series, much like the projects that are going to be mentioned in this blog series. But that is not the case! I did want to finish the Blogging Heroes blog post before continuing with the series, and I got …

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Dec 29

What About Information Digestion?

information digestion diet

As I’ve previously mentioned, I finished reading The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption and, overall, I found it to be great read. Author Clay Johnson makes several excellent points throughout the book, essentially arguing that the problem is information over-consumption, not necessarily information overload. He uses health and nutrition as a metaphor, where …

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Sep 15

Why It’s Easy to Overeat When Eating Out

And 7 Solutions to Keep Your Appetite in Check My SuperBetter quests to eat healthier have come back, and today’s question is to evaluate why it’s so easy overeat when eating and to come up with solutions to those reasons. For the purpose of this exercise, I’m going to define eating out as actually sitting …

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Sep 03

Me and My Comfort Zone

coming out of my comfort zone

I’m pretty much done with using SuperBetter to eat healthier, and as a whole, I think I’ve established a few more good eating habits. I’m conscious of including a fiber-rich food with each meal and of avoiding processed foods since they don’t have fiber (or much of anything when it comes to nutrition). I’ve finished …

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Jul 26

5 Natural Strengths I Have

As one of today’s SuperBetter quests, I am to write down five natural strengths, or five things that I am good at, and then relate those strengths to my goal of eating healthier and losing a few pounds. So, that’s what I’m doing. Here are five things that I’m good at, and how each one …

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Jul 21

5 Top Priorities in Life Right Now

top life priorities

For today’s SuperBetter quest, I am to list the three to five top priorities in my life right now. There are things that, today, are the most important to me in the world. So, I’m doing that, and here are my top five life priorities right now, in no particular order. My Business This is …

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Jul 16

OMG, I’m Going to Go Hog Wild on Video Games

file cabinet I want

I know I’m supposed to be working toward that file cabinet, that really awesome $25, $50 file cabinet that’s going to cost me 300 productivity points to get (see, I redeem the points so that I can spend the money on the file cabinet. The idea is that by earning 300 points, I would have …

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Jul 14

Getting My Fabulous Fat A$$ in Gear

eating healthier

I’ve barely done anything today, so I really need to do something to get me started and to make me productive. I understand that it’s a Sunday and that I don’t have to be productive, but if I don’t get a few things done then all those things will be put off until tomorrow. I …

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Jul 13

Curse You Taquitos!

Part of my eating healthier, SuperBetter, goals is to avoid the amazing taquitos from El Monterey. It’s so hard to abstain! They’re really delicious, and it doesn’t help that there are two whole boxes in my freezer right now. This is one of my bad guys that I need to fight and to defeat, and …

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Jul 10

The A-Ha Moment(s)

One of my quests for SuperBetter is to document my a-ha moment, the eye-opening experience that moved me get back on the eating healthy horse. I’ve been putting off doing this quest for a few days because I don’t know if there really was one a-ha moment, and I wouldn’t consider any of them juicy …

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