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Jan 18

Martin Luther King Jr. Scholar: 10 Years Later

Almost 10 years ago, I arrived in St. Louis to interview for the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship at Saint Louis University. The scholarship had been around for two years, but this year was the first year the college was interviewing candidates before selecting scholarship recipients. The weekend was cold, in the teens, one of …

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May 29

Chicken ‘N Waffles Coffee Syrup!

chicken n waffles syrup

Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown I am continuing my research for my upcoming coffee blog (I think I now have a great name and a great tagline), coming across cool sites, products, and possible affiliate marketing products. In this research, I came across coffee syrups and there are two main companies that sell coffee …

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Jan 15

How I Managed to Get Everything Done Yesterday

getting things done

Yesterday, I boasted about how I got everything done and the several things I planned to do once I got home. Although I failed to do one thing once I got home (I didn’t quite read a whole chapter of Half the Sky, and yes, I did finally manage to come up with those seven …

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Dec 14

When a Freelance Writing Gig Pulls the Rug Out From Under You

A client of mine runs a series of social sites meant to spark debate and to build a community around a specific topic. They use the Ning platform, which is a great social website platform that can turn your community and passion into a business if you do it right. But, I digress. This particular client …

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Jul 14

Hawaiian Names for the New Baby

My nephew is due to be born any day now, and my niece (1 1/2 years old!) is adorable, I’d like to introduce a little bit about Hawaiian names and put up a few suggestions for a Hawaiian name if you or someone you know is expecting. I don’t know what my nephew will be …

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Jul 12

Admittedly Cool Things on the Mainland

Yes, Hawai’i is awesome, but it would be unfair to say that the rest of the United States absolutely and entirely sucks. First, it’s not true. Second, no one likes it when bold, general statements are made, especially when fact and personal experience contradict them. I’ve found a couple of things that I can at …

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Jul 09

What is Hawaiian? That is the Question

It’s Aloha Friday! That means that in preparation for the weekend, I have prepared something a little more historical and intellectual for the blog. Fridays from here on out are reserved for answering questions about Hawaiian history and culture. Today’s question asks, What is Hawaiian?. The answers to this question will illustrate what is meant …

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Jul 07

Famous Hawaiians? I Can Name Five!

One of best ways to start off this blog and to introduce the spirit of Hawai’i is to introduce a few friendly faces that have done well to represent the Hawaiian people on a national or international scale. I tried to avoid movie stars and singers as best I could when putting this list together, …

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Jul 05

Why Hawai’i is Cool Enough for a Blog

During my freshman year of college the resident adviser of my floor started a door-decorating contest. The theme was “I love ___”.  With myself from Hawaii and my roommate from Tennessee, we went with “Home is Where the Heart Is” for our door theme and we decorated with pictures from our respective home states.  We …

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