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Aug 04

Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend

It’s You that Made Me Talk Again! Getting back into writing for myself and blogging on this blog has been an ordeal for the past few weeks. I could never think of anything to talk about. The words did not flow freely! I’d want to write, and surely I’ve stumbled upon something during the day …

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Sep 19

Why Am I Here?

why am i here

And How to Figure Out Why You’re Here Too I picked up a book from the library called, Hacking Your Education: Ditch the Lectures, Save Tens of Thousands, and Learn More than Your Peers Ever Will. It’s kind of obvious from the title what it’s about. I’ve read a few snippets here and there, and …

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Jul 22

The Little Things I Need to Do (So I Don’t Forget)

to do list

Once again, I’m doing another one of these big fat to-do lists so that I can keep track of myself and not forget a whole bunch of little things. I’m already losing track of the days of the week because my sleep schedule is completely off, so the fewer things I have to keep track …

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Jul 01

Inferno of Productivity: How I Turned My Task List into a Game

inferno of productivity

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from my business coach is to be specific, but to keep things simple also. My coach noted that I had a tendency to overwhelm myself by making things too complicated, by not focusing on the little steps that need to be taken to achieve the bigger picture. It’s …

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Jun 27

There’s No Lenovo Support Center in St. Louis

Lenovo G560 laptop keyboard

At least, I couldn’t find one when I needed it. About two weeks ago, when I broke my laptop by spilling water on it, I contacted a computer repair service that came up on Google. They suggested that I find a Lenovo Support Center to help me, and that I find it by typing “Lenovo …

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Jun 13

I Have My Computer Back!

back in business

After a day and a half with no laptop, I finally have something operational! The only problem I have is that the laptop keyboard doesn’t work, but I am still able to use a wireless keyboard with my computer to get things done! I am so happy! I didn’t lose any files or information. I …

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Jun 12

I Spilled Water on My Laptop

I write this from my fiance’s computer because, as my headline says, I spilled water on my laptop and it’s out of commission for at least a day. Maybe forever, but I’m hoping there’s still something to salvage through all this. I just tried turning it on and the keyboard is still wonky. I hope …

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Jun 09

Another Big Fat To-Do List

lots of things to do

I need to do another one of these because I’m at that point where I have a lot of things to do in life, and a lot of things to do for work, so it’s getting very difficult to keep track of all it. The only time the personal stuff actually gets on a list …

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May 27

My Bucket List, or Life Goals, or Whatever You Want to Call It

bucket list life goals

My business coach has challenged me to make a list of my one-year goals and my five-years goals. It’s actually harder than it sounds. However, after coming across Location 180 yesterday and reading all of that great content, a bucket list seemed like a great idea that would accomplish those goal lists while really thinking …

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May 26

Dealing With, and Embracing, Uncertainty

embracing the uncertainty

I was spending time today researching how to niche this blog down, how to niche down content marketing and my current business, and how to niche down my business idea (which is best called a niche site, I think. I also think that it would a very terrific niche site.). I don’t think I was …

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