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Jul 06

I Was Distracted with Poker This Week

I realized about a week ago that WSOP.com is livestreaming the final tables of many of the events taking place this summer, which took away my attention from writing on the blog. Of course, this is something I learn about at the END of the WSOP, when many of the events are already over. Fortunately, …

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Oct 15

Social Media Marketing: 13 Twitter Strategies for Small Businesses

With over 200 million users delivering about 65 million tweets per day, Twitter is a great place where small businesses can engage in marketing that can reach a lot of potential customers. Employing cost-effective and proven advertising strategies is necessary to compete in the market and get exposure to a huge client base. This holds …

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Jul 19

5 Annoying Things that Online Publications Do on Twitter

Twitter is an amazing tool for online magazines and publications. It’s a great way to share your latest articles, to find out what is trending, and to do some networking with sources and other online publications. however, there are online magazines who are using Twitter incorrectly, or are tweeting in a way that drives followers crazy instead of engaging …

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Mar 26

Content Marketing Tech Tool of the Week: Twitter Landing Pages

This week’s Tech Tool of the Week is something that I just learned about from pistachio, but I think it’s a completely genius tool. This week’s tech tool is the Twitter landing page, which is a specific page created for your Twitter profile. For the Twitter bio, you have the option to include one link. …

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Mar 12

Content Marketing Tech Tool of the Week: Paper.li

My parents have no desire to jump on the social media bandwagon and become avid users of Facebook and Twitter. As much as many 20-somethings would rejoice at not having to be “friends” with their mother and father, the reluctance of  my parents proved to be a bit of a problem for me. You see, …

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